Reflection Video for Holy Week

I made this video as a time of reflection after my sermon on Maundy Thursday last year.

Video images of the Holy Land: ‘Time Land’ by Noam Armonn
Music: ‘Beautiful City’ from Godspell sung by Hunter Parish


Palm Sunday Responsive Reading


Image from Defining Grace blog

I always try to find an alternative to a sermon for Palm Sunday so I can get a head start on Holy Week. This year I developed a responsive reading that covers the highlights of the events between Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday. We read the regular lectionary text for Palm Sunday from Matthew in the usual spot in worship. Where the sermon goes I gave a brief introduction and used the following responsive reading. It’s about the same length as a sermon it’s broken up with verses of a hymn so it filled the same amount of time. This liturgy uses the CEB translation of Matthew 21:12-17; 22:1-10, 34-40; 23:23-28, 37-39; 24:1-2, 36-44; 25:31-40; 26:1-5.

Click here for the PDF: Palm Sunday 2017 responsive scripture reading

Kids’ Easter Vigil

This Easter Vigil is designed for children and youth. It takes kids through the major events of Holy Week and helps them understand the reason for our Easter celebration. You can make it as complex or simple as you want. We use this vigil to introduce our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Click to download the pdf: Kids Easter Vigil Script 2015