Advent Wreath Options

There are lots of liturgy options for Advent wreath lighting during worship and here’s a few more!

One of things I find is missing from our (mainline Protestant) worship service is a time for sharing. Testimonies are powerful for those who share them and hear them. Sharing about our faith is also something we need to practice in the safety and comfort of our churches so we’re ready when the Spirit moves us to share with someone outside of church. To this end, two of the three Advent wreath liturgies below include an opportunity for those leading the liturgy to share something personal related to the themes for each week (hope, peace, joy, and love). One option is the more traditional call and response liturgy. Let me know what you think and if you plan to use or adapt any of them for your Advent worship service this year! Click the links below to download.
Happy planning!

Advent Wreath Litanies – Traditional
Advent Wreath Liturgies – Breathing in Hope, Peace, Joy, & Love 
Advent Wreath Liturgies – Testimonies (We used these to coincide with the All Earth Is Waiting Advent series)

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