Call to Worship Advent 1 & 2 “Fear Not” series

Call to Worship for Advent 1 based on Luke 1:5-25
The Call
Today we begin the journey of Advent
   and fears abound.
There is so much darkness and it is so cold.
   How will God ever turn our world around?
We gather now to warm and strengthen ourselves for the journey ahead.
   God, you see our human fears and love us anyway.
God, you hear our worries and call us to do your work anyway.
   Help us hear the angelic message, “Do not be afraid!”
And Week 2
The Call
God has brought us here today.
We’ve shown up, saying yes to God’s call.
God is working to turn the world around!
God is lifting up the lowly and filling up the hungry.
Will you be a part of God’s saving work?
Yes!  Even though we are afraid, we say yes to God.